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New Blog


I’ve decided to start a new blog… being that this one was opened as a dedication to my “HCG” journey I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to continue posting here… My body did not react well to HCG at all… my hormones went way out of whack and I wasn’t able to continue taking it… without the HCG I balloned back up and weighed more than I did before I started HCG. 

Last year I started calorie counting with MyFitnessPal and was able to lose another 40+ lbs… now I’m starting a new plan… I’m following the 4 Hour Body program… please feel free to join me on my new blog as I turn yet another page in this weight-loss story…




Hello internet people! I’ve had several messages asking for updates on my progress with HCG. I’ve actually had to stop taking the HCG completely. After my last round I stopped having TOM for 2 months… when I went to see my doc she did several tests and it was determined that the HCG threw off my hormones by quite a bit. Most people don’t have issues like these but I’m one of the (lucky) unfortunate ones. It was a huge hit to my self confidence and I went into a depression and managed to gain back almost all the weight I had lost… Gotta love old patterns. I’m actually in the progress of researching some new things and I’m determined to get this weight OFF! I’ll keep you all updated as I find a plan that will work for me again. I’m sad that I can’t continue HCG but I have to do what is right for my body.

R2P2D16- Downer (292.0)


So, only 0.2lbs dropped yesterday… 😦

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: 1 Large mug Bigelow Mint Medley Decaf Tea
Lunch: Chicken, Tomato, Basil Soup w/ 1 Jonagold Apple & 1 Grissini
Dinner: French Onion Soup w/ 1 Orange & 1 Grissini
4+ liters

I’m a bit frustrated this morning… I ate the same things yesterday as I did the day before and instead of a 1.4lb loss I only dropped  0.2… I don’t really understand why… I didn’t touch fats that I can remember and I ate really clean… The only difference is I made my husband dinner last night where I didn’t the night before. I refuse to believe that just being around fat will make me lose less… I guess my body has just decided to slow down… TOM is also coming next week… so, that might have something to do with it… who knows. I’ll just keep it up and the losses will fall where they may. I’ve kind of given up the thought of dropping 30lbs by the time this round is up and I guess I’m okay with it… Mostly I don’t want to do this round any longer than I have to… I don’t know what my problem is but at this point I’m pushing just to make it to 25 days. I’m sorry I’m such a downer today… I just have a lot going on in my personal life as well and I don’t know if stress effects weight loss but, if it does, that’s DEFINITELY it. I should be happy with the 18lbs I’ve lost so far this round but for some reason today I’m just not… feeling fat and ugly… just one of those days…

R1 P2 D21-Morning (310.6)


So, today is the first day that I didn’t lose any weight. Not only did I not lose anything, I actually gained 0.4lbs… there are SEVERAL possible culprits and I’m going to work on naming them all. Firstly and what I believe is most responsible, I didn’t drink nearly enough water yesterday. I was cleaning the house and organizing our office for the new puppy and I didn’t have water with me all the time to remind me to drink (increased activity being another possible reason). Secondly, I mixed a new bottle of HCG yesterday morning… not sure if it takes a bit to fully “mature” but I took my first dose right after mixing. Thirdly, I had run out of fruit in the morning and so I didn’t have fruit with my lunch as I always do. Fourthly, I did all my grocery shopping for the week and portioned out all my meat yesterday which included cutting all the fat off my meats which meant that I directly handled fat for a good hour yesterday afternoon before grocery shopping. Fifthly and finally, I was behind on my birth control and had been taking 2 pills a day for several days which I believe can cause water retention. Although I gained 0.4lbs I did not see an increase in inches at all. I’m still very happy with my losses and when I went to bed last night after thinking of everything that deviated from my norm I was expecting something like this. By request I’ll start posting my menus although I’m not sure that people would want to know from yesterday… lol

Morning: 1 large cup Mint Medley Tea by Bigelow w/ 10 drops Sweet Leaf Clear Stevia

Lunch: 100g pounded chicken breast & 1-2c Shredded Cabbage cooked in water w/ 1 Grissini

Dinner: French Onion soup with Round Steak, 1 Grissini & 1 small Jonagold Apple

R1 P2 D1- Evening


I thought it would be a dream come true cramming as much fattening food as possible into my face for 48 hours but it’s harder than I thought it would be. I think the HCG is starting to do its thing because I haven’t really been very hungry today and I’ve had a headache for the better part of the afternoon. I’m not looking forward to detoxing this week… I bought a new scale and when I stepped on it I almost choked… 334.8lbs… granted it was at 7pm after eating an entire order of Italian Cheese Sticks from Little Caesar’s but still… it’s sickening to realize just how much weight I’ve gained. Looking at my before pictures I took this morning made me sad… I won’t post the “private” ones but, I’ll try to upload the “G-Rated” versions here. I worked on my tracker to keep up to date on my progress. I’m hoping that the scale will surprise me in the morning and I won’t be as far off as I think I am right now. It was frustrating not having a true “starting weight” today. I’m trying to think of some place for Richard and I to eat dinner tonight. I’ll probably just let him choose… I’m tired of eating. :p



R1 P2 D1- Morning


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Woke up and attempted to weigh myself only to find that my Weight Watchers digital scale won’t even register my weight any more… awesome… Last time I weighed myself on that scale it read over 320lbs… how far have I let myself go? I took my starting pictures and measurements and I will buy a new scale today that has a higher max reading… The HCG really doesn’t taste like anything… looking forward to starting my meal plans later today… mostly looking forward to loading today and tomorrow… going to have to find a better way to transport my afternoon HCG dose… perhaps a cap for the syrenge? I dunno… this round is going to be a learning process I can already tell. Off to work!