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R1 P4 D25- Morning (304.2)


The days are just flying by! I decided yesterday that I will start loading on Friday instead of Saturday so that I will start the VLCD on Monday instead of Tuesday. I’m so ready to start losing weight again! I did pretty well yesterday with my eating until the evening. Working late shifts just kills me… especially when I have to turn around and work an early one the next day.

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: Multigrain Energy Bar w/ Butter
Snack: Spinach & Artichoke dip w/ Sweet Potato Chips
Lunch: Mixed Baby Green Salad w/ strawberries, rotisserie chicken, roasted almonds and balsamic vinaigrette
Dinner: Subway BLT w/ spinach, tomato, red onion, mayo & mustard w/ cheetos (this was the bad part)
Dessert: 2 scoops Blue Bell Nutty Chocolate Ice Cream

Aside from the Ice Cream and Cheetos I did really well yesterday… I didn’t eat candy that was offered and sitting out all day… I didn’t eat the Oatmeal Pie that was left in the breakroom for anyone to eat… I also didn’t drink enough water. I can tell that my body is really dehydrated right now… and my eating schedule was thrown WAY off by having lunch at 5pm instead of 11-12 like I normally would. I’m hoping today will have a bit more sense of normalcy. I will also be cooking dinner tonight instead of eating out which always seems to help. 3 more days until Round 2!!!


R1 P4 D24-Morning (303.8)


Good morning. I’m feeling the effects of eatting poorly this weekend. For the most part I did okay apart from some over eatting yesterday and a bit too much sugar. I suppose for me it was some improvement from my previous self. I actually had the opportunity to share about HCG with some of the people at my sister’s Easter party and my husband and I had a great time together. I am feeling very tired today. I’m teaching a late class today so I’m curious as to how that will effect my appetite and how badly it will mess up my eatting schedule. I really need to take off the 2lbs that I gained back this weekend so, I’ll be eatting very clean today and drinking LOTS of water… hopefully what I’ve gained is mostly water weight because I know I wasn’t keeping hydrated this weekend. I also did a lot of work in the yard. I still haven’t figured out exactly how all of this effects my body. I’m sure I’ll learn soon enough. I have another year of this weight loss… 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone!

R1 P4 D22- Morning (301.8)


Good morning! I didn’t really want to be awake at this hour… but once cleaned up to the explosion my puppy created in the crate for me this morning I wasn’t really ready to go back to sleep. Another 0.6lbs down and I suppose that had I not been bad last night that number would have been greater. I don’t know why but I’m feeling the need to slow down the losses by eatting even higher fat foods and sometimes, when I’m feeling tired and lazy, that means eatting fast food that isn’t good for me…

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: Multigrain Energy Bar toasted w/ Butter
Lunch: Steak Fajitas w/ sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, scallions & jalapeno cream sauce
Dinner: McDouble w/ extra mustard, 6pc Chicken nuggets & small fry

I know I know… McDonald’s wasn’t the healthiest choice… Richard and I had to run some errands last night and by the time we were done I was STARVING and making it home to cook wasn’t an option. Because we’re trying not to spend a lot of money right now it was fast food or fast food… I suggested Subway which isn’t as bad as some but the hubs wanted Arby’s or McD’s so, that’s where we went. I’m paying the price this morning with tummy troubles already… 😦 I guess it’s kinda cool that my metabolism has reset itself to the point that I can eat this stuff and still lose weight… but, it doesn’t change what processed, nasty food does to my body… I’ll learn one day I’m sure of it.

Have a great weekend!

R1 P4 D21- Morning (302.4)


Good morning! Another pound dropped today and I’m back down to the low that I experienced before Spring War when my eating started going completely off track. Now is when I expect the losses to start tapering off because I’m back down to my low.

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: Multi-grain Energy Bar w/ Butter
Snack: Spinach & Artichoke Dip w/ Sweet Potato Chips
Lunch: Healthy Choice microwave meal w/ Chicken, Broccoli, Whole Grain Pasta & Marinara Sauce
Dessert: Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie (I know… it wasn’t good for me… I cheated!) 
Snack: 4 large strawberries
Dinner: 3 Homemade Shredded beef tacos w/ flour tortillas, sour cream, cheese, cabbage, avocado and tomato (YUM!)

The only reason I cheated yesterday was because I realized the mircowave meal I ate only had 280 calories in it and the microwave broccoli left a TERRIBLE aftertaste in my mouth. The only thing within reach was one of those stupid pies… and it didn’t even taste good :(. Kind of hard to feel good about a cheat when you don’t even enjoy it… Now that I see that I still lost… I feel pretty good about it really… I just would have rather had something I enjoyed that didn’t have so much processed crap in it.

I’m so grateful for all the new people that have started to watch my blog and I’m starting to ramp up for Round 2. My mind is buzzing with recipe ideas and I’m working on how to keep it fresh and new for 40 whole days… In all honesty it was all I could do to get through 23 days last time… but the only reason it was hard for me in the end was because I stopped seeing the losses. My goal is to continue to lose 30lbs total each round between the drops and P3 & P4. I’ve already lost 33.4 this round (including P3 & P4) and at the rate I’m dropping I may be below 300 by the time next Saturday rolls around. That would be an awesome surprise and something to really celebrate on my load days!!


R1 P4 D20- Morning (303.4)


Ok… so this is just insane… I lost another 1.8lbs yesterday… I don’t know what’s going on with my body!

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: Whole Grain Energy Bar w/ Butter
Lunch: Mixed baby green salad w/ rotisserie chicken, strawberries, toasted almonds and balsamic vinaigrette.
Afternoon Snack: Couscous salad
Dinner: Sourdough Jack w/ no catsup and xtra mayo, 2 tacos
Dessert: 1 pint Moolinium Crunch Ice Cream

Yeah… I realize that the healthy kind of tapered off into the evening hours but the reality is that I’ve been sticking to low GI foods and trying to stay away from fried foods (apart from the tacos… couldn’t resist). I guess my body is just ready to shed? It’s kind of crazy that the weight is coming off like this without the drops… it almost concerns me a little bit… but like I said yesterday, I’m eating when I’m hungry and I’m having plenty of fats when I do… so, I’m not going to force myself to eat more just to keep the weight on. 9 more days until Round 2… YAY!

R1 P4 D19- Morning (305.2)


Miracle of miracles, I dropped 3.2lbs yesterday! I don’t know how… didn’t do a correction day… just ate healthy and stayed away from bad carbs… watched my portions… e voila!

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast- Multi-grain Energy Bar w/ butter
Lunch- Mixed Spring Greens salad w/ rotisserie chicken, toasted almonds, strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette. Sweet Potato chips w/ spinach artichoke dip.
Dinner- Pot Roast w/ garlic roasted red skin potatoes and roasted asparagus

I am very proud of myself for staying on track and even more so for putting away all the leftovers and not over eatting yesterday. I feel great this morning and I have a very important appointment this afternoon. I’ll keep y’all posted about what happens. I’m only 10 days away from starting my next round and I couldn’t be more excited. It would be great if my weight continues to drop like this… starting my next round under 300 would be AWESOME! Either way, I’m really not trying to lose any more now that I’ve dropped what I gained over the weekend but, if it happens it happens. I won’t stuff myself just so that I won’t lose anything. Time to get going to work! Make it a great day everyone!!

R1 P4 D19- Morning (308.4)


So, remember that one time when I said I was going to show restraint this weekend… well, evidently by body was overtaken by aliens and I went on a complete binge. Yesterday when I stepped on the scale I was at an astonishing 309.8lbs… Part of the reason I didn’t blog because I was completely ashamed at what I had done. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and picked up stuff for meals for the week and this morning I woke up early enough to get a roast in the crock pot. I ate healthy yesterday and ended up dropping 1.4lbs so, I’m happy to be getting back on the right track.

I cant believe how easy it was for me to slip back into my old habits. I had a great time with friends but man did I eat like a piggy… I had fried foods, snack foods, sugar, probably the only thing I didn’t relapse on was soda… I tried to drink one on Saturday and one sip in I almost gagged and gave it to someone else. I paid the price for my indescretions yesterday… I was lathargic, achy, and had a huge headache for the whole day. I’m glad I woke up feeling better after having been careful yesterday. Here’s to a healthier week and getting back to where I’m supposed to be. Only a week and a half until Round 2!! YAY!

Have a great Monday!!