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R1 P3 D17- (302.4)


Good morning! Today is a great day! 🙂 Yesterday I went clothes shopping and it felt awesome to be able to buy clothes that were 2-3 sizes smaller than what I was wearing just a few weeks ago. I also raided my “small” clothes suitcase in the garage and was shocked to see that I was able to wear most of the stuff in there. It is so exciting that I’m fitting into things that are much smaller than I was at my current weight before. It tells me that I really am losing the right type of weight right now. Yesterday was another small triumph for me. We went to lunch with my sister, bro-in-law and my nephiew and they wanted to go to Golden Corral. This would have spelled disaster for me before as buffets are my downfall. I showed more restraint than I ever have and left feeling satisfied. I avoided croutons on my salad and didn’t even miss them… I didn’t eat any of their sweet rolls which I normally LOVE… I did have 1 or 2 little fried treats but I took most of the breading off and realized that I didn’t really like them as much as I used to… I stuck to things with veggies and protein and for dessert I had a few strawberries dipped in the chocolate fountain along with a little bit of frozen yogurt. It was AWESOME! The best part is that when I woke up this morning I am down 0.2lbs… even after the giant baked potato for dinner… granted I didn’t even eat half of it and I ate the skin with what I did eat which helps with the absorption of the starch but, it just feels so good to finally be in control of my eating! I’ll have to post some pics of me in my new clothes! 🙂 Only 3 days until Spring War!!! EEP!


R1 P3 D14- (302.6)


Morning y’all. I know it’s been a while since I’ve had an entry. I’ve been REALLY sick… Basically my head has been permanently insterted into a vice for the last week. My husband gave me the plague and so, I haven’t been sticking to much of a diet… been staying away from fried foods and trying to eat only good grains but for the most part I haven’t wanted to eat much of anything in the last 72 hours… which explains the additional weight loss. Of course I’ve still been going in to work every day because I am currently teaching a class that no one else can teach so, I’ve been going in for 4-5 hours and then going back home again… doesn’t do much for my energy levels I’ll tell you that much. I don’t really have any menu’s to report because as I’ve said I haven’t been eating much on diet. I’ve had some pita on whole wheat and I’ve been eating BLT’s on 9 grain wheat but other than that it’s been soup or water. Sorry that there isn’t much to report in the way of the diet but I figured I at least owed and explanation for the disappearing act. Hope everyone is doing well on their HCG!

R1 P3 D9- Evening (304.4)


Evening all. It’s been a long weekend… Friday my health continued to decline throughout the day, had a terrible fever and sinus pressure until I went home around 4pm. Yesterday I stayed in bed pretty much all day and today I finally feel partially human. I made an accidental discovery however. I wasn’t able to eat for most of the day on Friday… felt terrible until late in the day when I finally felt like eating and asked my husband to pick me up anything. He brought me home a chicken fajita taco salad and I ate the whole thing… after I got the salad down I was still hungry so I ate the tortilla shell too. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to have the starch but I also hadn’t eatten much of anything else during the day so, I felt okay about it. Funny enough when I woke up the next morning I had dropped over 2lbs. Yesterday I couldn’t go shopping again because I felt icky and all we had to eat in the house were some corn tortilla chips and salsa so, I munched on those along with a tiny bit of leftover taco meat and some scrounged up taco fixings. For dinner we grabbed some fajitas and I had a few chips and a corn tortilla. I knew that I was now well below my LDW so, I was expecting my weight to go back up but when I checked again this morning I was down another 0.4lbs. I’m also feeling like I have more energy so, I guess my body is just ready for good starches again. I’m going to make sure I keep a close eye on it and stay away from processed stuff still but, if my body will tolerate it and in fact seems to continue to lose with them, I will continue to eat them in moderation. I am sticking strictly to good carbs and starches and the moment I see my weight start to fluctuate the other way I’ll back off but, like everyone has said, this is about finding my body’s maintenance place.

It feels great to finally be in control of what I eat instead of the other way around. I’ve now lost a total of 31.4lbs and may get to my goal of below 300 by Spring War. That would be absolutely awesome!! I just realized I’ve lost almost 20% of my goal at this point… I know that I will likely gain a bit at SW and I’m okay with that, I will just be careful to eat fairly clean until the night of feast and then I’ll only have “a little” of the cheat foods. That’s all for now… Happy HCG-ing!

R1 P3 D7- Morning (307.4)


I’m not feeling great today… Richard has had a terrible cough over the last few days and I fear that I may be catching it. I woke up with a TERRIBLE headache this morning and my eyes are really heavy from the swelling in my sinuses. I took some of the Alka-Selzer/7up remedy this morning and I’m waiting for it to kick in. The puppy allowed me several hours sleep last night which would have helped if it weren’t for the fact that I kept waking up because I was burning up.

I appear to be stabilizing which is a good thing. Yesterday’s weight and todays are the same and I’m glad to see that since it started to creep up before. We’ll see just how well my body tolerates eating out today since I don’t have the energy to pack myself a lunch. Yesterday was a very long day but I kept on the protocol and I still haven’t had sugar or starch. I’m having a difficult time organizing my thoughts right now so I’m going to cut this one short.

Yesterday’s menu:
 Breakfast: 1Egg scramble w/ mushrooms, spinach, salsa & colby jack cheese
Morning Snack: Cucumber and red pepper slices w/ roasted onion aioli
Lunch: Roasted Chicken thigh w/ green beans
Afternoon Snack: Few bites of a nectarine (it was gross)
Dinner: Taco salad w/ avocado, salsa, sour cream, cotija cheese & roasted pumpkin seeds

R1 P3 D6- Morning (307.4)


Morning again! Got another decent night’s sleep last night. The puppy only woke me a few times and I only had to get up with her once in the night. She didn’t have any #2 accidents in her crate which is progress and we’ve now gone more than 24hrs without any accidents outside the crate! She’s so smart! Still working on keeping her from biting our hands, feet and clothes though. I think that will just come with time and maturity. Yesterday was another good day diet wise. A bunch of my co-workers were eating Chewy granola bars and fruit roll ups on break and I didn’t even want any. Feels so good to be rid of uncontrollable cravings. I think I’m going to have to start counting calories or at least figuring out how many calories I should be eating approximately because my weight has slowly been creeping back up. I’m still a good 2lbs below my LDW but, I don’t want to wait to the last minute to figure out I’ve been eating too much or too little. I don’t know how I could eat more quantitiy but I could definitely bump my fat intake which is probably what I need to do. How sad… 😉 I think right now my body is still adjusting to eating real food… although I must say that it’s been doing extremely well and I haven’t had many adverse side effects yet. That’s all for now.

Yesterday’s Menu:
Breakfast: 1egg scramble w/ mushrooms, asparagus, green onion & cotija cheese
Morning Snack: 1 small jonagold apple
Lunch: Taco Salad w/ avocado, sour cream, roasted onion aioli, salsa, cotija cheese & pumpkin seeds
Afternoon Snack: Cucumber slices w/ roasted onion aioli
Dinner: Bunless Chili Dog w/ sour cream, cheese & green onion. 

R1 P3 D5- Morning (307.0)


Good morning! Last night my puppy allowed me the pleasure of 6.5 uninterrupted hours of sleep… I feel like a mother whose baby is starting to sleep through the night. She’s doing so well! She only had one little potty accident since I got home last night and quickly corrected herself. No accidents in the crate last night at all!! OK… back to the diet! 😉 Yesterday was a major accomplishment for me… I was given the honor of Top Team Manager last month and yesterday was invited to an appreciation lunch. I was so excited because usually they have fajitas and I would have been able to eat the meat. When I got there it was Enchiladas, Rice & Beans with chips, salsa and queso. I was so disappointed but I wasn’t even tempted to eat it. I got a plate and immediately took it to a co-worker, picked up my veggies and dip and took that to the meeting to munch on instead. I was so proud of myself for not cheating! The most amazing part is I didn’t even really want to cheat… crazy for me… usually by this time in a “diet” I’d be chomping at the bit to get a bite of something I shouldn’t eat. It’s absolutely crazy the way HCG has changed the way I look at food. That’s all for now… uploading photos of Day 26 and trying to throw together Before and After comparisons. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Yesterday’s Menu:
Breakfast: 1 Egg scrambled w/ mushrooms, spinach, salsa, & cotija cheese
Morning Snack: Cucumber and red pepper slices w/ Home made roasted onion aioli
Lunch: “Bunless” Chili Dog w/ Cheese & Green Onion 
Dinner: Roasted Chicken Thigh w/ green beans

R1 P3 D4- Morning


I know I haven’t written much lately… this is the first time I’ve been able to sit at the computer since we picked up Nyx on Saturday. Thing have been so crazy trying to get her acclimated and settled. She’s finally starting to settle in and is sleeping in her crate next to Richard right now. The cat is NOT happy with this change and has spent the good majority of the last several days locked in the bathroom because he growled, hissed or swiped at the puppy. P3 has been amazing so far! I didn’t do all my VLCD days because I was just starving come Saturday… being on the road all day didn’t allow for me to eat P2 compliant meals either. I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to stick to the no starch no sugar… I have to say that I’m definitely looking at food in a whole new light. Portion sizes especially! It’s crazy to realize how much I used to eat at one sitting… I’ve even managed to lose a few pounds now that I’m on P3. Not planning on that continuing. I’m going to try to do better with posting my meals now that we’re settling back into a routine. I’ll post what I can remember for now:

Breakfast: A few bites of a pork and beef jalapeno sausage (not the best, I know… we were traveling)
Lunch: Jack in the Box Hamburger deluxe no ketchup with the bun discarded
Dinner: Home made Taco Salad w/ Acocado, Tomato, Cotija Cheese, salsa, Home made roasted onion aoili, sour cream & pumpkin seeds
Breakfast: Sonic Sausage, Egg, and Cheese burrito with tortilla discarded
Lunch: 1/2 Chipotle Salad w/ no beans or dressing, steak, pico de gallo, med salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole
Dinner: Remainder of Chipotle Salad
Evening Snack: Strawberries
Breakfast: 1 Egg scramble w/ mushrooms, spinach, salsa, and colby jack cheese
Morning Snack: Nectarine
Lunch: Leftover taco salad from Sat
Dinner: Bunless Chili-Dogs w/ onion and cheese