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R2P2D3- Morning (307.6)


Good morning all,

Today is my last day of loading. I’ll be grocery shopping and prepping my VLCD food for the week and I’m so excied. Last night we went to All You Can Eat Sushi and I ate until I almost popped. It was CRAZY! The funny thing is that Friday night we went to Golden Corral and I definitely ate until capacity then and I only gained 0.2lbs Friday… yesterday I managed to pack on 2lbs though… but I’m pretty sure a lot of that was water weight because we went to the park yesterday and I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water for the activity I was doing. I have a slight headache this morning but I suspect that it has a lot to do with the fact that I got a sunburn yesterday. 😦  It’s going to be a busy day… may as well get started early.

Have a great Sunday!!


R2P2D1- LOADING!! (305.4)


Good morning!!

Today is an amazing day! I’m so excited to start this round (not to mention loading… what fat kid doesn’t love this part of the protocol?) I mixed my HCG last night and had my first dose this morning, my bag is all packed with my second dose for this afternoon and I’m SO excited about this weekend. I’m excited about this round in general. In starting to track my progress again this morning I was delighted to learn that I not only lost 3.2lbs during P3 & P4 I also lost several inches. I realize that Dr S says not to lose during the in between but, it’s what my body wanted to do… 🙂 I’m feeling great and I know I’ve said I’m excited many times but, I AM!!! Off to work!

Have a great day!


R1 P2 D2- Evening (333.4)


Tonight was the end of the load… I almost feel sick I’ve eaten so much today… definitely sluggish and groggy… I just finished making homemade chicken meatball soup with spinach for tomorrow’s lunch… hoping it tastes as good as it looks and smells. I think I may have gotten a bit carried away with the vinegar. I guess I’ll know tomorrow. 🙂 I’m excited to start seeing some weight LOSS! Not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow morning and seeing the weight go up as I’m expecting it will after the loading I did today. Sausage egg and cheese breakfast burrito from Sonic, Soft tacos and queso from the cafe loaded with cheese and sour cream, a McDouble and small fry and finally Monterey enchiladas with fajita steak for dinner… Sheesh… reading all that makes me understand why I feel like crap right now… I’m ready to pass out. Hope I’ll be able to sleep all night tonight. Got all my shopping done for the week and I knew it was going to be inexpensive but $40 for the week is just CRAZY! I could get used to eating this cheap!That’s all for now… going to work on uploading photos. 🙂

R1 P2 D2- Morning (333.4)


Well, I thought having a true starting weight would make me feel better… but stepping on that scale and reading 333.4 definitely did NOT make me feel any better. I had hoped that I would be below 300lbs by the end of this round but those hopes are quickly dwindling. I’m going to have to set myself some realistic goals that have nothing at all to do with HOW MUCH weight I lose. This time the goals need to be centered around how well I stick to the plan. No cheating. Tonight I’m going to have to run all over creation to buy the food I need for the 500cal days. I’m looking forward to having more time to prep this weekend for next week so that I won’t have to eat so boring. I’m hoping to try my hand at some soups. Oh well… it’s just food right? But if it were that easy I wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with… Here’s to skinny at Spring War… LOL! Well… skinnier at least.