R2P2D17- Swimming… who knew? Dr S, that’s who. (291.2)


Back up to a 0.8lb loss today bringing the total to 18.8lbs in 13 days of VLCD which is a 1.45lb/day average. 😀

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: 1 Large Mug Bigelow Mint Medley Tea w/ 11 drops Clear Stevia
Lunch: French Onion Soup w/ 1 Jonagold Apple & 1 Grissini
Dinner: Italian style Steak & Grape Tomatoes w/ 4 small strawberries & 1 Grissini
3+ liters of water

Despite the fact that my water consumption was a bit sub-par yesterday I’m fairly happy with my 0.8lb loss today. My goal is to hopefully make it to 50lbs total lost by the end of this round (9 days from now) which would require a 0.6lb/day average until I stop. I think that 50lbs in 2 rounds is perfectly respectable and, if I happen to drop another 5lbs in between rounds like I did last time… great… if not, I think it’s a good thing for me to adjust my expectations of myself a little.

So, I went grocery shopping with my sister yesterday which was super fun (albeit a little exhausting) and in the evening we all went as a family (the hubs included) to their gym where we played around in the pool for a little over an hour. I had a ton of fun and it’s the first time I’ve done physical activity while on the drops that hasn’t exhausted me. I do remember reading in the protocol that Dr S recommended swimming as an acceptable form of exercise while doing the drops and I’m certain that it’s part of the reason for my losses this morning. I’ll be making a concerted effort to try to make it to the pool as much as I can over the next 8 days for certain.

Enjoy your Sunday!!


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