R2P2D11- Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette Day! (296.8)


Only dropped 0.2lbs again yesterday. I took my second dose of HCG late again but this time it was only about an hour and a half late so, I’m not really sure what to attribute it to other that the fact that both days I did feel WAY too full after eating one of my meals. I guess I’ll just have to listen to my body better.

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: 1 Large mug Bigelow Mint Medley Decaf tea w/ 10 drops clear stevia
Lunch: Lemon Garlic Scallion Shrimp w/ 1 Jonagold apple & 1 Grissini
Dinner: Ground Chicken Breast & Cabbage soup w/ 1 Orange & 1 Grissini
4+ liters water

 We’ll see if it’s just the fact that my routine gets interrupted on the weekend. I’m also not on my feet as much on the weekend as when I’m teaching during the week. In happier news, I dropped an inch total from my Bust and Waist over the weekend. The inches are where it’s at anyways. 😉 I also am very much looking forward to having my first salad with the Strawberry Basil vinaigrette I made yesterday. I tasted it without the salad yesterday and it was AMAZING so, I would imagine that it’s just as good with the salad. I will report tomorrow and post the recipe with the modifications I recommend.

Have a great Monday!


About mindyp679

This is a log of my weight loss journey on HCG. I started this journey the heaviest I’ve ever been… so much so that my weight wouldn’t even register on a Weight Watchers scale. After my 2 days of loading I hit a high of 335.8lbs. I have more than 160lbs to lose to reach my goal and it will be a long time coming. Please feel free to offer encouragement and tips to help me stay motivated as I lose my way to 175! I hope this page will serve as an encouragement to others who are also on their own weight loss journey. God Bless you in your endeavors!

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  1. Hi Mindy, I came across your blog while searching for HCG recipes. I started my drops last week…and haven’t done very well. I’ve only lost 4.8 but, I love reading about your success. It keeps me motivated and keeps me from giving up. Way to go…you seem to be very determined!

    • Kristi,
      I’m so proud of you for not giving up! I have another office friend that started HCG after I finished my first round and she didn’t lose as quickly as I did either. Remember that it all depends on how long you’ve had your weight and how much you have to lose. I have over 120lbs to lose even after I’ve dropped so much over my first and already in my second round. I have a LONG row to hoe. Keep up the good work and follow the protocol to the letter. It’s the only thing I can attribute my successes to. I know that my office friend wasn’t as strict about the protocol as I was and you don’t have to be. 4.8lbs is nothing to be disappointed about… just think how long it would take to lose that with conventional dieting and, even then, it probably wouldn’t be the right kind of fat. Make sure you have the real copy of the protocol. I recommend joining the Yahoo Group HCGDieters and saving it from their files section. They have also been invaluable in their support when I’ve had questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and keep me updated on your progress!! 🙂

      Best of luck,

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