R2P2D4- Morning (310.0)


Good Morning!

Today is my first day of VLCD and I couldn’t be more ready for it! Yesterday was absolutely painful yet again… I ate to capacity for the entire day and ended up practically making myself sick. I had terrible gas the whole night and finally ended up sitting in the bathroom for most of the evening. I know, TMI… but, really… it just goes to show how much my body has changed since doing my first round of HCG. I’m excited to see what kind of losses I see tomorrow. I certainly hope that I experience the same successes I had on the first round but, we shall see. I know the first day I saw pretty dramatic results but it was mostly just taking off what I had gained in loading. The funny part is that even with loading 3 days instead of 2 I still only gained 4.6lbs. It’s just crazy what I had to do to myself to get that weight on too.

I’m sipping on my hot tea and remembering how much I enjoyed this part of my daily routine I’m so excited to be back in the swing of things. I prepped my chicken salad last night and I’m hoping that it tastes as good as I want it to… I’m unsure about the “honey mustard” dressing and I think I added too much water to it… it’s awefully runny. We’ll just have to wait and see… I’ll post the recipe as soon as I know it’s good… 😉

40 days of VLCD to go! 😀


About mindyp679

This is a log of my weight loss journey on HCG. I started this journey the heaviest I’ve ever been… so much so that my weight wouldn’t even register on a Weight Watchers scale. After my 2 days of loading I hit a high of 335.8lbs. I have more than 160lbs to lose to reach my goal and it will be a long time coming. Please feel free to offer encouragement and tips to help me stay motivated as I lose my way to 175! I hope this page will serve as an encouragement to others who are also on their own weight loss journey. God Bless you in your endeavors!

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