R1 P4 D22- Morning (301.8)


Good morning! I didn’t really want to be awake at this hour… but once cleaned up to the explosion my puppy created in the crate for me this morning I wasn’t really ready to go back to sleep. Another 0.6lbs down and I suppose that had I not been bad last night that number would have been greater. I don’t know why but I’m feeling the need to slow down the losses by eatting even higher fat foods and sometimes, when I’m feeling tired and lazy, that means eatting fast food that isn’t good for me…

Yesterday’s Menu
Breakfast: Multigrain Energy Bar toasted w/ Butter
Lunch: Steak Fajitas w/ sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, scallions & jalapeno cream sauce
Dinner: McDouble w/ extra mustard, 6pc Chicken nuggets & small fry

I know I know… McDonald’s wasn’t the healthiest choice… Richard and I had to run some errands last night and by the time we were done I was STARVING and making it home to cook wasn’t an option. Because we’re trying not to spend a lot of money right now it was fast food or fast food… I suggested Subway which isn’t as bad as some but the hubs wanted Arby’s or McD’s so, that’s where we went. I’m paying the price this morning with tummy troubles already… 😦 I guess it’s kinda cool that my metabolism has reset itself to the point that I can eat this stuff and still lose weight… but, it doesn’t change what processed, nasty food does to my body… I’ll learn one day I’m sure of it.

Have a great weekend!


About mindyp679

This is a log of my weight loss journey on HCG. I started this journey the heaviest I’ve ever been… so much so that my weight wouldn’t even register on a Weight Watchers scale. After my 2 days of loading I hit a high of 335.8lbs. I have more than 160lbs to lose to reach my goal and it will be a long time coming. Please feel free to offer encouragement and tips to help me stay motivated as I lose my way to 175! I hope this page will serve as an encouragement to others who are also on their own weight loss journey. God Bless you in your endeavors!

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