R1 P3 D6- Morning (307.4)


Morning again! Got another decent night’s sleep last night. The puppy only woke me a few times and I only had to get up with her once in the night. She didn’t have any #2 accidents in her crate which is progress and we’ve now gone more than 24hrs without any accidents outside the crate! She’s so smart! Still working on keeping her from biting our hands, feet and clothes though. I think that will just come with time and maturity. Yesterday was another good day diet wise. A bunch of my co-workers were eating Chewy granola bars and fruit roll ups on break and I didn’t even want any. Feels so good to be rid of uncontrollable cravings. I think I’m going to have to start counting calories or at least figuring out how many calories I should be eating approximately because my weight has slowly been creeping back up. I’m still a good 2lbs below my LDW but, I don’t want to wait to the last minute to figure out I’ve been eating too much or too little. I don’t know how I could eat more quantitiy but I could definitely bump my fat intake which is probably what I need to do. How sad… 😉 I think right now my body is still adjusting to eating real food… although I must say that it’s been doing extremely well and I haven’t had many adverse side effects yet. That’s all for now.

Yesterday’s Menu:
Breakfast: 1egg scramble w/ mushrooms, asparagus, green onion & cotija cheese
Morning Snack: 1 small jonagold apple
Lunch: Taco Salad w/ avocado, sour cream, roasted onion aioli, salsa, cotija cheese & pumpkin seeds
Afternoon Snack: Cucumber slices w/ roasted onion aioli
Dinner: Bunless Chili Dog w/ sour cream, cheese & green onion. 

About mindyp679

This is a log of my weight loss journey on HCG. I started this journey the heaviest I’ve ever been… so much so that my weight wouldn’t even register on a Weight Watchers scale. After my 2 days of loading I hit a high of 335.8lbs. I have more than 160lbs to lose to reach my goal and it will be a long time coming. Please feel free to offer encouragement and tips to help me stay motivated as I lose my way to 175! I hope this page will serve as an encouragement to others who are also on their own weight loss journey. God Bless you in your endeavors!

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